Osman Hill Memorial Medal 

PSGB established the Osman Hill Memorial Lectures in 1977, to commemorate the influential anatomist and primatologist, who died in 1975. The lecturer, who also receives a medal, must be a distinguished primatologist, with the lecture given as part of the programme of a meeting. The lectures are given at intervals of one year or more.  

Nominations for 2022 close on 1 September 2022 -  Click for all details.

Osman Hill Memorial Lecturers:

1978  M.H. Day - Human evolution: fossils and concepts

1980  R.A. Hinde - Primatology and the social sciences

1982  F. Bourliere - The niches of primates within tropical rain-forest

1984  P.M. Butler - Problems of dental evolution in the higher primates

1986  J.P. Hearn - Early embryonic development in monkeys and man

1988  H. Kummer - Exploring primate social cognition: where do we stand?

1990  R.D. Martin - Goeldi and the dwarves: evolutionary biology of the small New World monkeys

1992  J.H. Crook - Ecology and culture in the adaptive radiation of Tibetan-speaking peoples in the Himalayas

1994  R.I.M. Dunbar - A general theory of primate social systems

1996  T. Rowell - The myth of peculiar primates

1998  C.B. Stringer - The origin of our species

2000  A.F. Dixson - Primate comparative anatomy and the evolution of reproduction

2002  I. Tattersall - Becoming human

2004  C. van Schaik - Correlated evolution between cognitive and cultural abilities

2006  A. Jolly - Survival in a forest fragment: Ringtailed lemurs of Berenty

2008  W.C. McGrew - Chasing chimpanzee culture

2010  A. Whiten - Cultural elements in a chimpanzee community (Goodall, 1973) 37 years on

2012 S. Bearder - Primate Taxonomy in the Field: New insights into Biodiversity, Biogeography and Phylogeny

2013 P. Lee - Reproductive costs and social evolution in primates and other mammals

2014 R. Crompton - A very conservative tribe: The Hominins

2016 C. Groves - Life Mysteries of Primate Diversity

2018 R. Barton - Brains growing on the tree of life: the what, when, how and why of primate brain evolution

2019 H. Buchanan-Smith - Promoting Primate Wefare - Past, Present and Future

2020 Professor L. Aiello - Reflections on the Expensive Tissue Hypothesis (Part 1; Part 2)

2021 Professor C. Hill - Primate crop foraging, crop damage and conflict narratives

2022 - Coming soon!

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