PSGB Winter Meeting - Thank you

Firstly we want to say a massive thank you to everyone who traveled to London Zoo to attend our winter meeting. We hope you had a brilliant two days sharing your insights into the field of primatology. Please keep posting your photos, videos, and thoughts, we love to see you all having a good time and hope you inspire those around you to get involved! We had the pleasure of welcoming around 100 people of all backgrounds to London this January, sharing talks on a whole breadth of subjects. We visited genomics, traversed cross-border policies, and pushed the boundaries of conservation technology. 

15-min presentation Prize Winner 

Cameron Goodhead

Cameron delivered a phenomenal presentation on the use of drone-based thermal imaging and telephoto cameras for real-time identification of primate species in the peat swamps of Borneo. Cameron not only blew us away with a visually appealing presentation, but also demonstrated the immense potential that thermal imaging drones have for detecting difficult-to-find species in impassible terrain. He also demonstrated how this technology could gather information on behaviours never before seen in many species.

Poster Prize Winner

Matt Wisdom

Matt's research delves into the dietary habits of brown lemurs, shedding light on their ability to adapt and thrive in various nutritional environments. Through meticulous investigation and innovative methodologies, Matt has made significant contributions to our understanding of these primates' dietary adaptability. This recognition underscores the importance of his findings and acknowledges the valuable impact this has on the field of primatology. Well done Matt!

5-min talk prize Winner

Lou Savigny

In a captivating presentation, Lou Savigny unveiled her research on the influence of personality traits on bonobo maternal styles. Exploring the intricate dynamics of bonobo mother-infant relationships, Savigny's work delves into the individual personalities of bonobo mothers and how these traits shape their parenting behaviors. Her research provides valuable insights into the management and care of bonobos in captivity. Not to mention, what a fantastic job fitting so much information into just 5 minutes!

Have you thought about organising a PSGB meeting?

Please get in contact if you or your organisation would like to host the next PSGB meeting!

Organising a meeting will not only help PSGB, but will also provide you with opportunities to create a partially themed meeting that may have a particular bearing on your own work, or to invite speakers who have inspired your own research. It is also fun! You do not need to have a PhD; postgraduate students are just as welcome. Showing you have organised a scientific meeting will looks great on your CV.

We have guidelines that can help you plan and structure your meeting and a team of experienced people who can provide you with advice.

If you would like organise a future meeting (summer or winter), please contact our Meetings Officer, Shannon Farrington ([email protected]) to talk about what is involved or to be inspired by past programmes from past meetings.

The Primate Society of Great Britain is a registered Charity number 290185 Website Photos: Shannon Farrington, Tim Eppley, & Brogan Mace
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