At the undergraduate level, there are no degree programmes in Britain that focus solely on Primatology.  Instead, a wider variety of programmes are offered, each comprising individual modules that may be of relevance to primatologists.  Typically, these programmes are Bachelor's degrees in Archaeology, Anthropology, Biology, Psychology and Zoology. Relevant modules might include those in primate behaviour, ecology and conservation.

A selection of these degree programmes is outlined below, with information on relevant modules that might be taken during the course.  For more detailed and up-to-date information on any degree programme, please contact the University that administers the course.  Potential students might also speak with the admissions tutor to make more detailed enquiries.

The list below is by no means exhaustive - it is merely a selection of programmes on offer.  A complete list of all available degree programmes in the United Kingdom is available on the website of the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS), the organisation responsible for managing most undergraduate applications.  If you are a student on a course that is not listed here, or represent a University that offers a relevant course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Student Representative [email protected]. PSGB is happy to update this page with more courses of relevance to student members.

Bangor University 

Bangor University’s School of Natural Sciences offers Britain’s only specialist degree in Primatology, as either a BSc (3 years) or an MZool (4 years) in Zoology with Primatology. These degrees, which start from 2019-20, will offer specialist tuition in primatology throughout including first-year tutorials with a Primatology lecturer, specialist modules in primatology in second and third year, an optional field course to Kibale National Park, Uganda and primate-focused research projects for third and fourth year students. Alongside this focus, students will have access to a range of other Zoology modules including courses on animal behaviour, conservation, ecology and human evolution.  

The University of Bristol

The School of Biological Sciences offers degree programmes in Zoology and Psychology, either as single subjects or as a combined degree. Relevant modules cover mammalian biology and socio-biology, and include primate ecology topics. For further information, contact the admissions office.

The University of Cambridge

Most sciences at Cambridge are taught within the multi-disciplinary framework of the Natural Sciences Tripos, which offers the B.A. Natural Sciences degree. Students are able to take a wide variety of courses from multiple departments, including the Department of Zoology, and to specialise according to their interests. For further information, contact the Tripos secretary [email protected] The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology offers its own degree, during which students specialise in one of three disciplines: archaeology, biological anthropology, or social anthropology. Several academic staff specialise in primatology and are able to supervise students in this field. For further information, contact Dr Mary Griffin [email protected]

Durham University

Durham offers various undergraduate programmes in Anthropology, with a strong primatology element. The Evolutionary Anthropology group includes several primatologists and hosts the International Journal of Primatology. For further information, please click here

The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter offers a combined degree, titled B.A. Archaeology and Anthropology. A B.Sc. Psychology programme is also available - relevant modules include, 'Introduction to Animal Behaviour', 'Animal Diversity and Behaviour' and ‘Applied Animal Behaviour'. The University's Cornwall campus offers other degrees: B.Sc. Animal Behaviour, B.Sc. Zoology and B.Sc. Evolutionary Biology. These programmes include multiple modules in animal behaviour, ecology and sociobiology. For further information on any degree programme, contact the Undergraduate Admissions officer.

Hull York Medical School

HYMS is a medical school and at the moment only offers undergraduate medical degrees (with little or no primatology content) and BSc degrees for intercalating medical students. If you are a medical student interested in intercalating on a BSc with primatology content, the HYMS Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences offers a BSc in Medical Sciences (Anatomical Sciences). Hull York also offers an MSc in Human Anatomy Evolution. Contact Dr Sam Cobb for further details. 

The University of Kent

The School of Anthropology and Conservation offers multiple degree programmes, including B.Sc. (Hons) Anthropology, B.Sc. Biological Anthropology and B.Sc. (Hons) Wildlife Conservation. Many modules include primatological topics, including 'Primate Behaviour and Ecology'.

The University of Liverpool

Liverpool offers a B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology programme, with modules in Animal Behaviour and Sociobiology, Cognitive Evolution and Conservation Biology. The B.Sc. (Hons) in Anatomy and Human Biology includes a whole module on Primate Biology in the third year. For further information, visit the Enquiries Service.

Liverpool John Moores University

The BSc Biology program offers modules in primatology. LJMU also has a MSc Primate Behaviour and Conservation. For further information on any programme, contact the Faculty of Science: [email protected]

University College London

The Department of Anthropology offers a three-year B.Sc. Anthropology programme. Relevant modules might include, 'Primate Behaviour and Ecology', 'Man and Animals', 'Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology', 'Evolution and Human Behaviour', and 'Primate Evolutions and Environments'. Professor Volker Sommer teaches the primatology modules and is Director of The Gashaka Primate Project. For further information, contact Dr Jerome Lewis, the admissions tutor [email protected]

The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford offers a degree in Biological Sciences. Relevant modules might include, 'Development and Evolution of Animals', 'Species Conservation', 'Evolutionary Ecology of Plants and Animals', 'Human Evolutionary Genetics' and 'Advanced Animal Behaviour'. For further information, contact the undergraduate administrator [email protected] The School of Archaeology offers the B.A. (Hons) Archaeology and Anthropology programme. For further information, visit the programme-specific website or contact the School.

Oxford Brookes University

B.Sc. (Hons) Animal Biology and Conservation and B.Sc. (Hons) Anthropology are both offered at Oxford Brookes. Both include modules in Primate Societies. For further information, contact [email protected]

The University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth offers a B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology programme. The University is also home to the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology, which aims to better understand human and animal behaviour and cognition through comparison with other animals and consideration of evolutionary process. For further information, contact science admissions [email protected]

The University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton offers a B.Sc. Anthropology degree programme. Relevant modules might include, 'Humans and other Primates', 'Primate Biology and Conservation' and 'Animal Behaviour and Cognition'. For further information, contact the Department Administrator, Mary Hennessy.

The University of Salford

B.Sc.(Hons) Wildlife Conservation and B.Sc.(Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology (with studies in the USA) are offered at Salford BSc (Hons) Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology | University of Salford

Modules in Primate Behaviour & Conservation and Animal Cognition & Social Complexity will be of particular interest.  Other relevant modules include: ‘Wildlife Behavioural Ecology’, ‘Conservation Biology’, ‘Animal Evolution’, ‘Animal Welfare’, ‘Introduction to Zoo Biology’ and ‘Zoo Animal Management’.

For further information contact: Dr Denise Thomasson [email protected] (Director of Admissions) or Dr Sean O’Hara (Wildlife programmes leader).

Relevant degree programmes are also available at the following institutions:

Anglia Ruskin University
Lincoln University
The University of Abertay
The University of Birmingham
The University of St Andrews
Sussex University

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