A major role of the Conservation Sub-Committee (CSC) is to administer the PSGB Conservation Grants.  The grant deadline in 2022 is 28th February.

Grants are given only to PSGB members and non-human primate range state nationals.

These small grants (generally less than £1,000) support:

* Projects that address known threats to primate populations, or known constraints on population recovery;
* Projects that shift incentives in support of conservation (e.g. training; education and awareness-raising; compensation schemes; policy influence);
* Surveys that will direct conservation effort to important locations;conservation education relevant to primates;
* Other research of direct benefit to primate conservation.
* Although the financial value of these grants is quite small, this money can make a large difference in local currencies and PSGB Conservation Grants often act as seed money, encouraging others to fund PSGB-supported projects.

In addition, PSGB, through CSC, awards funds from other organisations or individuals:

Born Free Foundation 

CSC also manages a grant of £1,500 from the Born Free Foundation. This grant is mostly targeted at projects which support a primate range-state national, working in the field on a project involving endangered primates or human/non-human primate conflict resolution. Applicants for this grant apply as for a PSGB grant, through the same channels, and any project selected by members of the Conservation Sub-Committee as being suitable for BFF will be passed to BFF for acceptance. 

Trentham Monkey Forest

Trentham Monkey Forest has, for 2022, donated £2500 to be awarded to applicants for conservation grants. The fund will be split at the discretion of the CSC members; it is unlikely to be given in total to one person. Please apply as normal to the CSC.


Please see the Conservation Grant submission page here.

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