Many of the world’s primates are threatened, so conservation is at the heart of PSGB’s work. 

Money donated by PSGB members directly and that raised by selling goods at meetings is, each year, donated to a conservation cause selected by the Conservation Subcommittee and approved by Council. Different geographical areas 'take turns' each year, such as an African-based conservation project is supported one year, followed by a Central/South American-based org, then a Madagascar-based project, followed by an Asia-based org, and so forth. 

2024 focuses on a conservation cause that operates in Africa and benefits African primate conservation. 

Conservation Cause 2024

SEKAKOH has been selected as our 2024 Conservation Cause. Sekakoh is a Cameroonian environmental organization whose work includes conserving threatened primates in and around Ebo forest’s Yabassi Key Biodiversity Area. There are 11 diurnal primate species present in the area including chimpanzees, gorillas, drills and Preuss’s red colobus. Ebo itself is a highly threatened landscape in great need of further conservation support alongside sustainable community development. Sekakoh’s work is helping to highlight its importance to both local people and government.  Sekakoh currently have a small-scale project to restore degraded areas within the Ebo forest establishing community nurseries. They also work with local communities to raise awareness through school clubs and women’s groups, along with some community livelihood schemes to train ex-hunters in bee keeping.


The Society has fundraised over £17,000 total across it's conservation causes! That money goes towards supporting primate conservation and making a positive, tangible difference. This couldn't be achieved without our wonderful members who continually support both the Society and primate conservation. 

Below are the previous organisations supported as our conservation cause. Full details on the project, as well as their project posters and total raised, are available to view here.

Photo credit: Mikajy Natiora

Previous conservation causes:
















The Primate Society of Great Britain is a registered Charity number 290185 Website Photos: Shannon Farrington, Tim Eppley, & Brogan Mace
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