Charles A. Lockwood Prize/Medal and Grants 

*NB. These awards are no longer offered*

The Charles A. Lockwood Prize and associated medal for the best proffered student podium (spoken) presentation at a Society meeting were established in 2009. The prize and medal commemorate Charlie Lockwood, a PSGB Council member who died tragically in a motorcycle accident during 2008, and celebrate the thought, dedication and inspiration he provided to his students. One of those students, Katharine Balolia, then PSGB Student Representative, led a fundraising drive to establish the prize and pay for the casting of the medal, which was designed by Katharine’s brother Yello Balolia using an original illustration by John Sibbick.

Charles A. Lockwood Medal recipients:

2009 Claire Santorelli - Vocal traditions in communities of wild spider monkeys
2010 Steven Montgomary - What role do microcephaly genes play in primate brain evolution?
2011 Nienke Alberts - Troop differences in patterns of spatial association and social interactions in olive baboons (Papio hamadryas anubis) in Gashaka-Gumti National Park, Nigeria
2012 Nienke Alberts - Quantifying fission-fusion dynamics: a case study of wild olive baboons.
2013 Sally Street - Are exaggerated sexual swellings in the Old World primates honest signals of fertility and quality?
2014 Hayley Ash - Breeding common marmosets: Impact on longevity, behaviour and development
2015 Jamie Whitehouse - Barbary macaques' responses to conspecifics’ self-directed behaviours
2016 Camille Troisi - Food offering calls and their implications for teaching behaviour in wild golden lion tamarins (Leontopithecus rosalia)
2017 Grace Ellison - The behaviour and ecology of a nocturnal primate, Galago senegalensis, in Northern Tanzania
2018 Robin Morrison: Multi-level society in western lowland gorillas 

Charles A. Lockwood Memorial PSGB Grants

Thanks to a generous bequest from the Lockwood family, a special one-off research grant scheme, the Charles A. Lockwood Memorial PSGB Grant, was also funded in 2010.

Grants were awarded to:

Graham L Banes, University of Cambridge: ‘Factors influencing male orangutan reproductive success’
Conrad Brimacombe, University of Sheffield: ‘Growth and development in the genus Pan: a life history approach’
Laura Buck, Roehampton University: ‘Craniofacial morphology, paranasal sinuses and adaptation in Pleistocene hominins’
Camille Coudrat, Oxford Brookes University: ‘Ecology of the red-shanked douc monkey in Nakai Nam Theun National Protected Area, central-eastern Laos’
Blake Morton, University of Stirling: ‘Inter-individual differences in cognitive ability and social networking strategies in brown capuchin monkeys’
Caroline Phillips, University of Cambridge: ‘Chimpanzee diet: pyrosequencing DNA from faeces’
Isabelle Winder, University of York: ‘Linking primate foot anatomy, ecology and landscape use’
Rebecca Wyper, University of Stirling: ‘Ecological drivers of macaque crop raiding in Buton, Indonesia: human responses and implications for conservation’ 

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