About the Research Grant

We generally award two General Research Sub-Committee (RSC) Grants in the annual award round, each to the value of about £1,000. Awards are intended to assist with primatological research in any area, except for those covered by the Captive Care and Conservation Grants.  

Candidates should not apply to more than one sub-committee for funds for the same project or in any one year, but decide which best represents their chosen research topic. Work that has already started is rarely funded by the RWP although specific parts of an ongoing project requiring funds (e.g., laboratory/ analysis/ training/ dissemination costs) may be.  For further clarification please see the Guidance Notes (link below) and if unsure contact the relevant Convenor(s) for advice prior to submitting a proposal.  Grants are awarded based on the quality of the primatological research proposed, although maximising benefit to the individual or institution is also a consideration.


The next grant deadline is 31st March 2022 and all PSGB members are eligible to apply.

PSGB Grants are open to PSGB members and to primate range state nationals who are not members. Range state nationals that are successful with a grant application will be given free PSGB membership for the duration of their grant.

Grant awardees will be informed as soon as possible.


All applications should be written in English and EMAILED DIRECT to the convenor (Zanna Clay  - [email protected]).  The application form can be downloaded below.

References should be written on the form that can be downloaded below, and submitted by email direct to the convenor ([email protected]).  Your institution should also provide a statement confirming that it is willing to host the research. This statement should also be emailed direct to the Convenor.

PSGB has adopted the International Primatological Society's Code of Best Practices For Field Primatology.

PSGB RWP grant application form

PSGB RWP grant referee form

PSGB RWP grant guidance notes

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